Blood testing and beer

I’d like to start out by saying my right arm was not in the best shape, over this past weekend it got worse. After spending 6+ hours in the local emergency room on Sunday, they told me other than calcium buildup was that I had a sprained shoulder, wrote me a note for a week off of work and pain pills, told me if anything else developed follow-up with my doctor. Most of you don’t know? But my older brother had a big battle with cancer! And due to the treatment He now has a form of leukemia. Seeing me and my younger brother are the only siblings under sixty. I became a match as a donor and further blood testing needed to be done. As it turned out with the week off, and the wife driving the car into Boston. I figured now was the best time to get it done! So Dana Farber and Brigham and women’s Hospital We were bound and got all that stuff done. Now to check some good brews out on the way back home. First stop was in Cambridge at the Cambridge Brewing Company, little hard to find only because I’m not used to my way around there even though I grew up 18 miles away. With some help of some local Bostonians, found out that we were only a half a block away parked the car and walk the rest of the way. Off the road back in the left corner we found the place, and made ourselves to home up at the bar. I started off with the Big Man IPA, which was most excellent on the real great side! Then got into a conversation with a man to my right and found out that his wife was a brewer there. And it turned out that she was one of three women. One of which was from Stone Brewing. The third was from Victory Brewing and they had all got together to come up with what was called Project Venus, which happened to be my second brew that I was drinking at the time! Within a short time Megan the Brewer had come out to meet up with her husband. And we also got to meet her and had a very good conversation with the both of them. And even though Boston’s a ways away from Westfield. I know we will be back there soon! Traveling along towards home, second and final stop, where were going to have supper was Peppercorns in Worcester Mass., which serves and I think our affiliated with Worm Town Brewing. Which is in the front corner of the building? Very good food there even though we ate light and had a few samples, and then ordered Dark Day IPA, which was very good and a Beer Goggles Barley Wine, which was most excellent! with the last one being a high test. I was glad I was not driving home! And at about this time the medicine and brew eased the pain in my shoulder. Thanks to all the folks for good brews, and good times.

IMG_0170 IMG_0165

DSCI0077 IMG_0167

DSCI0083 DSCI0085

DSCI0101 DSCI0098

DSCI0088 DSCI0092

IMG_0180 IMG_0175

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