Opa Opa Blueberry lager

Let me start out by saying it was a great afternoon. We met up with a newbie, Nick and his girl Jackie at the Opa Opa steakhouse and brewery. I had the wife and little bad ass “grandson” with me we all ordered some lunch and a beverage. My mouth had been watering for their blueberry lager, for the better part of a week. Upon receiving my beverage, I noticed that they put fresh blueberries in it in any case; this is not a big seller with me. First sips were light and airy with a nose of blueberries which was the good part! On the other hand, there was something lacking in taste! I don’t know if it’s the difference between a lager and ale, or if it’s something in my mind. I know my expectations of the first blueberry ale. I had in Portland Maine would be hard to live up to. But for now, let’s just say the verdicts not in on this one yet. With our new folks in attendance Nick and Jackie, I may have been more into conversation! Then really tasting the beer! Though the winter strong was still pouring, that was very delicious. So here’s to a great afternoon with some new beer friends and to the great staff at Opa Opa brewing. Oh that blueberry beer that certain folks have to live up to is made by Bar Harbor brewing in Maine. And I left with a growler of Winter Strong and Buckwheat IPA my favorites.

IMG_0028 IMG_0156

IMG_0157 IMG_0021

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