Four Main Street Bar and Grill

Went to Four Main Street Bar and Grill in Huntington Mass for supper last night. Had there delicious fish and chips. I’ve never had fish quite like that it was great. We met up with the owner for the second time. We’ve seen him on our last trip there a week or so ago named John, and gave him a Guinness T-shirt that we had for him. Service was great all his help are the best. They have eight taps nothing domestic all good brews. I had started out with something I had last week when I was there BBC Nitro Stout which was excellent. Has a nice creamy head and lots of smooth taste to it. Second one for the road after we had eaten our meal I had the Red Hook Winter Hook which was also excellent with nice malt taste. Also had meet up with a fellow second shifter Steve, who thanked us for helping keep the place open a little longer so he could enjoy an extra brew. Turned out to be a nice Saturday night out!

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