Lefty’s beer tasting and recipe contest

It was Saturday, February 5th and I had wakened to the smells of something cooking. I discovered the wife cooking up her entry for today’s event at Lefty’s brewing. They were having a beer tasting and recipe contest that the wife had entered. We had learned this on our first visit there about a month ago and she decided to make something for it. It was something she called Lefty’s English style Porter chicken. At our arrival I had thought with the weather the way it was, that the event may have been postponed. But it just seemed like we were one of the first to arrive. Within a short period of time, the place got packed with people. It seemed from talking with a few, that most were fairly local folks from the Bernardston area. There was a fee of three dollars per person for this event, where they X the back of your hand to show you were of drinking age. Every one there enjoyed samplings of foods from five categories from the contestants, and they had their six different brews pouring from growlers. Which were all excellent every one of them. I know the wife and I enjoyed it very much! Thanks to Bill “Lefty” and Melissa for a wonderful afternoon.

Check videos out after the pictures below!

Click Here for Lefty’s web site

IMG_0104 IMG_0091

IMG_0093 IMG_0098

DSCI0072 DSCI0073

DSCI0074 DSCI0076

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