Beer Saturday

Started out early Saturday with nine ball regional at 9 AM. Well we didn’t make it will try next time. So with a nice sunshiny day yet very cold, why not drown my sorrows. With growlers in hand we headed to Opa Opa brewing. Something new on tap there was something they call strong winter. It was so good we filled one of the growlers with it. The raspberry wheat was still pouring, and that’s what the wife likes. And my old favorite Buckwheat IPA. On the way back home we came to the Westwood restaurant in our hometown of Westfield. Not having stopped in there lately, we stopped to see what was new there. With a good selection of taps, I tried the Goose Island Honkers ale which was very good. That would pretty much round of the day for us!

IMG_0028 IMG_0019

IMG_0030 IMG_0039

Also check this out up coming brew dinner and super bowl event!

super bowl 2011

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