Happy New Year

We started New Years Eve early. We were going to Whiskerz Pub for late lunch, but found out kitchen would reopen “see story below” in about a month. We headed back to Westfield for The Tavern. Lunch was pretty good there, I enjoyed a Great Divide Fresh Hop Pale! Our St Joe’s club was having a little “to do” planed for the night. So its in walking distance, we headed there for 9 pm. shortly after our arrival. A buffet was put out for the club members. Went down good with a few Sam’s Winters. We saw in the New Year in St Joe’s style.

From our Springfield paper The Republican!

“EASTHAMPTON – Whiskerz Pub owner Joseph Bernier had some great news for his customers when they sat down at the bar this week: The mustache-shaped sign over the entrance won’t be coming down anytime soon.

Just over a month ago, Bernier was planning to close the pub and move out of the building at 75 Cottage St. by December first because the building’s owners, Joseph Defazio and George Bailey, of Northampton, were planning to sell. But with help from a few friends, Bernier was able to purchase the building himself on Friday, much to the delight of the pub’s patrons.

“I couldn’t believe it until I signed the papers,” Bernier said from behind the bar Dec. 18.” see full story Here

For Whiskerz Pub  go here Click here



IMG_1123 IMG_1136

IMG_1133  IMG_1138

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