Christmas eve lunch at Opa Opa

They did not have the 5 dollar meal deal seeing it was Christmas eve, and I cant blame them. All was good with the wife and grandson, they found what they wanted. I ordered the wings for the first time from here and choose a sampler of 6-4 oz glasses of their brews. They were Honesty 47 Pale Ale, Buckwheat IPA, Kix Brew, Southampton Porter, King Oak Milk Stout and A-10 Warthog Double IPA, All  of which were excellent the wing were good also. If you know me and I remember to bring them are growlers for filling. Yes I had two with me and got the Buckwheat IPA and King Oak Milk Stout. Oh i forgot to mention the miss hap the grandson had with his soda but after a few minutes with the blow drier in men’s room took care of that.

IMG_1073 IMG_1074

IMG_1075 .IMG_1078 IMG_1080

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