Test ride truck

After picking up truck from local Brake King for a tune-up "new plug" I wanted to see how it road! Of I went two towns away to Huntington MA, to a place called Four Main Street Bar & Grill. For My first time there it was a good experience that I enjoyed alone, the wife had problems with her back! Upon entering I found a seat at the bar on the left. With a couple of Booths behind me and total seating for maybe forty people it was very nice. I noticed what I came for right in front of me, eight tap handles all of which were good brews. I decided on the Magic Hat Howl and looked at their menu and ordered a tuna sandwich for four dollars. I only finished half of it and took the rest home. Thinking one was not enough! I could not make up my mind on Peak Organic sassion or BBC Cabin Fever, I choose wisely on the BBC after the howl that was a stout it fit right in nicely. I paid my bill and left a tip all of which was less then twenty dollars and told them "I’ll be back".
Their web Four Main Street

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