Little Red Barn Brewery

Little Red Barn Brewery would be a stop while visiting two other breweries that I had already visited before, but this time it would be with my daughter for a nice weekend afternoon. It is not located in a barn, but in a brick building next to a river. They had about ten brews pouring while we were there, they had a food truck outside the front door at the time of our visit. The backside of the building was the brewery and the taproom in the front which could accommodate about 40 people. The brews “two Flights” we enjoyed were Raspberry Fields IPA – New England, Freshly Squeezed IPA – New England, Roll In the Hay Double IPA IPA – Imperial / Double, Old School IPA IPA – American, Cream of the Crop Cream Ale, Cow Tippin’ Copper Ale Pale Ale – American, Rescue Red Red Ale – American Amber / Red, Mad River Pilsner Pilsner – German.

#Prebeerpandemic, #Prepandemica Our visit was end 28th of December 2019!

360 view inside Here, outside Here.


Black Rabbit Farm

Black Rabbit Farm would be my next new stop, and it is what I would call a mini microbrewery on December 13 of last year. They brew Farm Wild Ales using locally sourced grain & hops with their own estate grown fruit & aromatics. Like I said at the beginning it is a small brewery and they also have other farm made stuff in jars “jams pickles and sauces” as you will see from pictures. I did get to sample a few of their brews and went home with a couple 22 oz bottles of theirs and those were Huckleberry American Wild Ale, Peach Farmhouse Ale – Saison, Apricot Farmhouse Ale – Saison, All Cooped Up Farmhouse Ale – Saison, Irish Hare Stout – American, Heckate’s Gift Gruit / Ancient Herbed Ale, Arctic Hare Cream Ale.


360 view Inside Here, Outside sorry see pics below.


Hitchcock Brewing

Even though I visited Hitchcock Brewing before “in its original location”, this would be a first after their move many towns north of their last small farm setting! Their new digs are also of the beaten path on Rt 5 in Bernardston not far from Kringle Candle. They are past the microbrewery stage and use up about 60 persent of the building they are in. They only had 1 staff person maybe 2 before, but now many wait staff that love to help you pick the flight or pint that you would enjoy, and their brews are still just as tasty if not better than before the move. Brews I enjoyed were Johann Marzen, Little Wizzer Lager – Helles, Nitro Stout – Irish Dry, Wild Berry/Cherry Brut Tart Sour – other.

#Prepandemic My visit was near the end of December 2019 almost a year ago!

360 view Inside Here. Outside Here.


Holyoke Craft Beer

Holyoke Craft Beer would be my next visit and a first-timer, it’s inside a big brick building a little bit of a walk inside and down into the basement back corner is the brewery and I was greeted by Mike the owner and Brewer. I would call this a nano brewery witch you can tell by the pictures. I was the first person at the time till others showed up, but I did have a nice talk with Mike. I enjoyed a flit of 4 brews and 2 half pours for a total of what was pouring. Brews I enjoyed were Podoke Porter Porter – American, No Vacancy IPA – Imperial / Double, 413 IPA – American, The Pioneer’s Pilsner Pilsner – Czech, Time And Place Festbier, Milling About White Ale Wheat Beer – Witbier.

#Prepandemic My visit was near the end of November 2019 almost a year ago!

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Barrington Brewery & Restaurant

The next day on the way back home after leaving our motel room, we stopped for lunch at Barrington Brewery & Restaurant. I did a flight of four five oz brews, the wife had a full pour of what she thought she would like and we had a great lunch before heading home the back way country roads “not by the highway” so we could enjoy the ride. We have Been here a few different times that is why we like this place, but I do not know if I posted about them before. This Brewery now runs on 100% solar power and most ingredients are local in the Great Barrington area. You can take 16 oz canned beer home making your own mix. The brews we enjoyed were Hopland Pale Ale Pale Ale – American Ice Glen IPA IPA – English Black Bear Stout Stout – Other Belgian Dubbel Belgian Dubbel Raspberry Ale Fruit Beer.

#Prepandemic Our visit was first weekend of November 2019!

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Druthers Brewing

Druthers Brewing would be my next stop but I did it alone my wife stayed at the room after we eat dinner. I was glad that the room we had was only a fifteen-minute ride away because I found out that it was a six poor flight and I picked out an assortment of styles. This brewery would be only 2-4 block from our visit to Fort Orange. Now when I looked them up it showed other locations, and I asked the staff “which were great” but could not give me a good answer if this was the main brewery, with the brewing capacity I saw and check pictures it looked like it was to me! “Albany Location” The brews I tried were  All-In IPA American-style India pale ale, No Excuses Pale Ale – New England, Amber Lager – American Amber / Red, Brevity Wit Wheat Beer – Witbier, Weizen Hefeweizen, Vienna-Style Lager Lager – Vienna.

#Precovpandemic Our visit here was first weekend of November 2019!

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Fort Orange Brewing

Our next stop would be at Fort Orange Brewing. after stopping by a motel to check in for a room, this would be a nice microbrewery that had plenty of room to grow! the brewing section is located in the back section that can be seen over the half height wall that divides it from The tap bar and table area. their 10 taps have some awesome brews pouring. It was somewhat quite on our visit late Sunday; the staff was very friendly and would answer any of our questions. These were the brews we enjoyed Pilsner 51 Pilsner – German, Patroon Island IPA – Imperial / Double New England, 1686 IPA – New England, Pine Hills IPA – New England, Galactic Explosion IPA – New England. “Our visit was the first weekend of November 2019 #Precovpandemic!”

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BJ’S restaurant and brewhouse

#Prepandemic The BJ’S restaurant and brewhouse in the Albany NY area would be our first time at this one but it is the third one we have been to, and it is about the same as the others with some slit changes. They always have great food and 48 beer taps along with great staff, I do love stopping and having lunch or dinner with good brews, that you can get a flight of different brews and share with you better half then pick a full pour. this is our first stop on a 1 day get away from home and have some fun.. brews we checked out and our lunch you will see in photos below. Brew we sampled and enjoyed were A Tripel Around the World™ IPA, Pumpkin Ale (2019) both by BJ’s, Dragons & YumYums by Dogfish Head Craft Brewery, Batsquatch by Rogue Ales. Our visit was first weekend of November 2019!

360 view outside Here.


Roaring 20s Brewery & Taphouse

I am sorry for not posting for a while “pandemic” but I have visited a bunch of places since late fall and I will post those right after this one, only because I was there yesterday at the Roaring 20s Brewery & Taphouse it’s a great little place and it’s only been open eight weeks and it’s near where we camp during the summer. We had stopped a few times at Brookhouse and Ali our wait staff told us of it, so we went yesterday. it is what I would call a nano brewery. they only had 4 brews on tap along with a cider and told me of an IPA brewing now! we checked all of them out and left with a growler. The brews we enjoyed were Lawnmower Kolsch, Pandemic Pale Ale, Breakfast Porter, Watermelon S.M.A.S.H.

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Sloop Brewing

  A few months ago, I visited Sloop Brewing at the barn. This would be there original Brewery site and it is in the countryside, a ride off the somewhat main roads and down a long dirt driveway. This original Brewing area is on a farm with quite a lot of room for growing hops and outdoor activities for family. The tap tasting room is quaint with not many amenities, and from what I’m finding out as I’m trying to write this post they may be shutting it down, which would be a shame cuz it’s a great spot of the beaten path, and we will have to go to the new Brewing area. so, if you’re thinking of a visit check it out soon or go check the newer place and now main Brewery. The brews I enjoyed there were Green Islands, Techno Viking, Juicier Bomb, Super Soft, Simcoe Bomb.

360 view outside Here.