The 10 Best Breweries of 2017

According to Paste Media Group. The 10 Best Breweries of 2017

Brew Gentlemen – Braddock, PA Triple Crossing – Richmond, VA

Two Roads – Stratford, CT WeldWerks Brewing – Greeley, CO

Jackie O’s Pub & Brewery – Athens, OH Perennial Artisan Ales – St. Louis, MO

Societe – San Diego, CA J. Wakefield Brewing – Miami, FL

Austin Beer Garden Brewing – Austin, TX Tired Hands Brewing Company – Ardmore, PA

Now being from New England Two Roads is available in my area, and I have tried about 12 different ones of theirs. As for the rest no, but it was nice to see two of them in PA where I have in-laws and may get to try, and now I do believe that there was a top 50 Breweries this year and I don’t think any of these were in it! I guess it’s up to who ever is doing the tasting!

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Connecticut Valley Brewing

Still antsy I visited Connecticut Valley Brewing on Sunday for my first time and it opened this year also. It was easily found at 765 Sullivan Ave, “off Rt. 194 just east of Rt. 5” South Windsor, CT. It is situated in a large building, that contains the brewing process in the back part, along with a big bar tavern type area that could hold at least 60 people, along with an outdoor sitting area, and a section I think that could be rented out? At the bar and maybe by waitress the pours are 5oz, 12oz, & some at 16oz, plus they will give small samples. They don’t fill growlers just 16oz cans to go and they will let you mix a four pack. The brews I tasted, and pictures are below.

A Fantastic Voyage pours golden with good head and sticking lacing. Nose of citrus & pine aromas. Taste is big on citrus flavor with a gentle bitterness. very good at 6.5% at brewery on 12/3/17.

Into the Woods IPA pours golden with short head and sliding lacing. Nose of citrus & melon/fruit? Taste of melon with an upfront bitterness that lingers. very tasty 6.5% at brewery on 12/3/17.

Farmhand Kölsch small sample.

Alt, Alt, and Away Altbier small sample.


Hitchcock Brewing

I got antsy seeing winter is coming on and camping has been over for almost some 2 months or more. On Saturday I visited Hitchcock Brewing in Whately MA. For the first time that it’s been opened this year. To find that finding it would be an adventure with just a sign like people running for some town election would put on some one’s lawn, and then some 1000 feet off Christian Lane just past a lama farm and a couple of homes. Now that I’m writing this I should have taken pics of the farm, but sorry about that just imagine that I did. The tasting was free, and you could try all 9 brews from a 2-oz. plastic cup, and then purchase cans or a growler fill to go. The brews I tasted, and pictures are below.

Crossover Golden Ale Very good ale.

Single Bottom IPA Big on citrus aromas and flavors. Nice bitterness to it.

Double Bottom IPA nose of faint citrus. taste is big and over whelming of bitter aromatic flavors. very frigging good

Angry Sparrow Very deep malt aromas and flavors. Very good.

HBC Alpha-1 Big on grapefruit aromas. Taste is grapefruit sweet creamy mouth. A great double IPA.

HBC Alpha 2 Big smooth of fruit and citrus, with gentle bitterness. Very friggin good.

Hurricane Porter Chocolate and roasty coffee aroma and flavor. Very good.

Raspberry Hurricane Porter Big on raspberry aromas and flavors. With porter back ground. Very tasty.


360 inside brewery

360 outside brewery

Shire Breu-Hous

We visited a new Brewery Shire Breu-Hous in Dalton Mass just before the end of our camping season. It’s in an old brick industrial building in the center of town next to the old fire station. I did a sampler board of 4 that I picked from their tap list and one was a guest brew. Their kitchen serves a normal menu of food, plus there’s a few guest brews on tap to pick from. Their times are somewhat different than most with opening at 4pm to 12am Thursday-Saturday. Why 4pm on a Saturday, why not noon, well I will ask those questions on my next visit. I do have to say that every new visit to a brewery, I find that each have their own tastes and merits. I will post my write ups on each of them below.

Pioneer pale ale W/ glacier Deeply flavorful ale. Another big aromas and flavors brew..

Calanthe Mooie an amazing stout big on rich deep dark malt aromas and flavors. Very frigging good.

Batch #5 Big on blonde aromas and flavors very good.

Shire Summer Saison Big Saison flavors and aromas. Very good.


Tin Bridge Brewing

We have a new Brewery in town, it opened on October 5th and its called Tin Bridge Brewing Co, located at 487 East main St Westfield MA. It occupies a building that has been a restaurant with several different names for many years. My visit was on Saturday 14th, and it was quite busy with almost every seat taken along with a food truck outside their big overhead backdoor, they also have a couple free play video games and other games for kids and adults. I did their predetermined 5 sampler board, which was not disappointing. I will post my write ups on each of them below. I would like to say the session IPA was like high test in flavors and bitterness best I’ve had so far for a session. Prices are on the moderate side as you can see in the picture of what’s on the tap list and sizes of pour.

The Grip session IPA pours yellow with good head and sliding lacing. Nose of citrus and fruit aromas. Taste is big on bitterness that lingers with a grapefruit and melon flavors. Very frigging good at 5%.

Radio Metal pours yellow with short head and sliding lacing. Nose of malt. Taste is mouth puckering of malt and hop flavors and bitterness. Very frigging good at 6.2%.

Mosaic pours hazy yellow with short head and sliding lacing. Nose of citrus and fruit maybe? Taste is big on mango and citrus flavor with a gentle bitterness that lingers. Very frigging good 7.5%.

Brown is Down pours brown with short head and sliding lacing. Nose of rich dark roasted malt aromas. Taste is wet of dark malt and a porter flavor? Very good 5.8%.

Porter Pounder pours black with short head and sliding lacing. Nose of rich dark malt aromas. Taste is wet of dark malt and a semisweet porter mouth flavor. Very good 5.2%.