Proclamation Ale Company

Our last stop for the day would be Proclamation Ale company in Warwick. a good-sized Brewery located in an industrial building. they were busy and there was a bus parked in the service road that we thought had dropped off people for a party that took up about five or six tables at the brewery. this would be a good-sized Brewery even though we couldn’t see the brewing part. and we hope to give it another visit because the bruise here are award-winning and popular, and we needed to find our room and dining for the evening. Brews we had a pint of we’re Pixelizer, Derivative: Galaxy.

360 view inside Here, outside Here.


Revival Brewing Co.

Our third stop for the day would be Revival Brewing in Cranston, on a tip from our waitress at BJ’s. She said that you must check this place out. this Brewery was in what I would say was an old restaurant with a microbrew room connected at one end, but it seemed more family-oriented, seeing they had games for kids and a nice outside play area with corn hole and picnic tables. We did have a good time here, and these were the Brews we sampled. HAMR Oceanic State Pale Ale, What Cheer?, Daring India Pale Ale, Wafel, Merry Beary Strawberry Peach Sour, You Schwifty? Szechuan-style IPA. We also got a mixed 4 pack to take with us for later.

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BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse in RI.

Our next stop for a late lunch would be BJ’s Restaurant Brewhouse located in Warwick, even though this one did not brew beer there, it still had some great food and great Brews of theirs and other breweries that we could do a sampler board of. this would be our third BJ’s that we have visited of their places so far. We talked to our wait staff about what we were doing, and she told us of her favorite place, and that would be our next stop. Brews we sampled were Hi-Def by Castle Island Brewing Company , Sumpin’ Easy by Lagunitas Brewing Company , Bodhi Supreme Double IPA by Wash Ashore Beer Company, Be Hoppy by Wormtown brewery.


Narragansett or The Guild

Weekend road trip to Road Island then back through Connecticut for brewery stops. The first Brewery wouldn’t be what we thought was Narragansett Brewing, but it would be The Guild in Pawtucket and no Narragansett beer there at all even though they did Brew it for them and Night Shift, Wash Ashore, Devil’s Purse and a few other brewery’s, there was a van that said Narragansett on the side near the canning section. The taproom staff was very friendly and would answer your questions, they had some munchies involving 3 flavors of popcorn and pretzels and a few ham and cheese boards. The taproom was very roomy, and I forgot to ask if they had Brewery tours even though I had a sneak peek behind the Narragansett truck through a garage door at the canning and Brewing area. it was worth the stop! Brews we sampled was Isle of White IPA, Riser 7, Now It’s a Blonde, From the Isle all of which were from The Guild.

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Lost Shirt Brewing Company

Lost Shirt Brewing Company
would be our last visited while in Florida and smallest of all. their brewing
and 10 taps tap room are in the back of a building with a brew supply store in
the front. it is a microbrew with that being done in an open section of the back
of tap room “see pics”. room for 8 at the bar with seats and tables for about 30
people. it’s quite cozy and laid back, I do believe that a food trailer was just
out their door. these were the brews we enjoyed
K2 Summit IPA – Imperial / Double, East Wind Honey Old Ale, What Up Pumpkin Pumpkin / Yam Beer, The Gilroy Red Ale – Irish, Magnetic North IPA IPA –

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Intracoastal Brewing Company

Intracoastal Brewing Company is where I would visit with my daughter, this Brewery would be in two buildings with a canopy connecting the two together, one was a set inside Tap room the other one was the main part of the brewery also with a tap system that would cater to outdoor people enjoying their Brews. they seemed so nice and cater to so many different people dogs’ if they were friendly and kid’s they had an outdoor area between the buildings that had artificial turf where the families with kids could set in the grass and play games while enjoying their Brews and family! these were the brews we enjoyed Bone Yard IPA – Imperial / Double, Primordial Double IPA, Hop Cousteau IPA – Imperial / Double New England, Lost In the Haze IPA – American, Cucumber Mojito Sour – Ale, Rye the Wave Pale Ale – New England, Dragon Point IPA IPA – American.

360 pictures inside tap room here! Inside brew area tap room here! Outside here!


American Icon Brewery

American Icon Brewery
would be our next visit, with some very good friends from when we were
teenagers. we met up with Alice and Dave at their house and got a tour and then
went to the brewery to have a great time and some tasty brews and some great
food. this Brewery was built inside of an old industrial electric generating
plant. and with our visit near darkness of night at that time of the year the
pictures didn’t come out that great because we got more into reminiscing on old
times than keeping details clear but here’s a list of the Brews we tasted. The Professor, Salem’s Rope, Juice Box, Island Hopper Double

360 pictures inside here!
Outside here!


Hell ‘n Blazes Brewing Company

Hell ‘n Blazes Brewing Company would be our next stop, it was in the well-traveled old section of downtown Melbourne but on a side section, and I think it was an old hardware store, before becoming a brewery. they would be a microbrewery with a pub type atmosphere serving food and appetizers, wings and sandwiches and I’m not sure I think they make pizzas. the place was of fair size in the front tap room area, and they had a casual place in the rear as you can see from the pictures where you could eat and drink and play some games along with quite a few screens for watching sports, I do believe. they had 9 to 12 taps of their beer at the time of our visit. the hospitality was great, and these are the Brews we tasted on our visit. Huggins Hefeweizen, causeway IPA, strawberry milkshake IPA, German chocolate cake Porter, dingleberry, Georgia found peach Hefeweizen, cranny’s last supper, Andy’s Poppin pills.

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Back room area1011

BJ’s Restaurants and Brewhouse

Next on the hit list is BJ’s Restaurants and Brewhouse, they are an American chain of restaurants, with the breweries being in the ones that say BJ’s Restaurant and brewery. their food is delish and the prices are medium to high best deal is the big cookie dessert with two small scoops of ice cream on top called a Pizookie® we visited two while we were in Florida both were of good size with outdoor seating and eating the Brews we’re very good with some winning metals here is a list of the ones we tried. light switch lager, Brew House blond, harvest hefeweizen, Oasis Amber ale, Jeremiah red, piranha pale Ale, hopstorm IPA, committed double IPA, in Melbourne Florida tatonka stout, Nutty Brewnette, at Jacksonville Florida

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Bugnutty Brewing Company

Our next stop is Bugnutty Brewing Company, a small micro-Brewery with a pub type atmosphere with seating up to 40 patrons? it’s located at the end of a shopping strip of different stores. they had 17 taps pouring their beers and a small what they called pub grub menu of food, and wine but I never got a chance to find out whether they made the wine or somebody else. this would be another great place to go cuz it’s open from 2 p.m. everyday of the week except the Lord’s day Sunday and it would open at 1 p.m. these were the brews we enjoyed Charlie don’t surf, Resilience Brute County Proud IPA, Pliny The Punisher, Flakey Blonde, 007 Golden EyePa, Suzi’s Red Belly Ale, Dark Matter Black IPA, Pineapple Shandy.

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